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For this month's special, we're offering our handmade and mega delicious 75% fruit spread Peary Thyme. This set comes with not 2, but 3 jars at an irresistible price!


Peary Thyme contains a mix of fresh Pear and Thyme. The combination of Pear and Thyme makes this mildly sweet fruit spread an excellent choice not only for breakfast, but also to pair with savoury food such vegan meat and cheese! After you try it, you'll understand why this flavour is one of our customer's top favourites.


Made with only the freshest ingredients and lots of love. This refreshing flavor is splendid to pair with toast, cheese, meat, crepes, and waffles.


Hurry and get it now while stocks last!


17,99 € Regular Price
16,19 €Sale Price
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    • Summer Love - Fresh Nashi Pear, Fresh Red Grapefruit, & Palmer Mango
    • Royal Velvet - Fresh Sour Cherries & Fresh Bananas
    • Tropical Harmony - Fresh Orange & Fresh Palmer Mango
    • Zesty Zuch - Fresh Pineapple & Fresh Zucchini
    • Peary Thyme - Fresh Concorde Pear & Thyme
    • Pina Colada - Pineapple, Coconut, Vanilla

    SUGAR FREE 75% FRUIT SPREADS (made with Xylitol. 40% lesser calories, low glycemic index):

    • Berry Bliss - Mix of 6 types of berries & Rosemary
    • A.B.C. - Apple, beetroot & carrot
    • Holy Guacamole - Avocado, Tomato, Pear and Lemon
    • Matcha Matcha - Matcha, Spinach, Apple and Pear
    • Caribbean Passion - Passion Fruit, Banana, Mango and Coconut

    Net weight: 130g/jar

    Our classic spreads are made with 25% gelling fruit sugar, and our sugar free range are made with 25% Xylitol.

    Full nutritional information is available on each jar.