• Daisy Lyn Meneses

You Are Beautiful Just As You Are

Amen 🙏 I feel we sometimes don't take time to appreciate our bodies enough. Without a proper fully functioning bodies, we wouldn't be able to travel to different destinations for holidays, we wouldn't be able to create amazing things with our hands, wounds wouldn't be able to heal properly, and we wouldn't be able to even do a basic, simple thing such as breathing without any struggle.

Stop finding points about yourself and your body to hate. Instead, be THANKFUL for all the experiences it has allowed you to enjoy in this wonderful life.

Gentle reminder to all you fabulous souls for the day: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE.

It is not your looks or your figure that defines you, it is your HEART, SOUL, and MORAL VALUES. That is what truly matters. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, tell them they can take a hike. You don't need shallow people in your life spreading false, toxic beliefs into your head

Have a magnificent start to your week beautiful friends 😘



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