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What's Your Love Story?

Looking at this image makes my heart smile 😍It reminds me of how Björn and I were when we first met. I spoke no German (English is my mother tongue), while he spoke no English! We were like a duck and a chicken trying to communicate to understand each other. Definitely some pretty crazy, challenging, but also fun times.

Wondering how did we communicate then?

Good question. It was all thanks to an invention called the translator app! Lol😝 Seriously though, that's how we started out at first. Translating and using sign languages to understand what the hell the other was trying to say.

Despite the language barrier, our hearts were definitely in sync. We knew we loved each other. That bond was strong enough to make us know that through hook or by crook, we were gonna do what it took to make our relationship work.

Fast forward 5 years later, now he speaks almost fluent English while I can understand quite a fair bit of German. Crazy huh? It's amazing how much a person's skills can change and develop over the years.

What about you sweet friends? What's your love story? 💕Do share with us in the comments below.

Happy Valentine's Day to each and everyone of you sweet souls!!! WE LOVE YOU



Björn, baby Abigail & @trishrlee

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