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Top 6 Gut-Health Tips For Busy Mums

What healthy gut habits do you practise?

Being the main caregiver for my baby girl plus managing several businesses at the same time causes me to sometimes fall off my daily healthy eating habits and occasionally junk on ‘naughty’ stuff as I’m rushing for time to get many things accomplished. (I believe many mummies out there can relate). Cookies, cake, chocolate, you name it.

I understand that maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is important not only for myself, but I also want to instil #healthyhabits in my baby girl.

I try my best not to be too hard on myself on the days that I do slip up though. Why? Because I’m only human!

I learn to listen to my body’s cravings at times. Then on other times when my will power is back on track, I do what I can to sustain a healthy gut and make up for those ‘naughty’ days.

My top 6 habits to boost gut health are:

1 Drink black tea ☕️

2 Eat more vegetables & fruits🥦🍓

3 Drink tons of water

4 Bring my baby out for long walks (especially to the Zoo because I love it too!)

5 Get more sleep (which is like, a luxury I get to do maybe once a week or once every two weeks after having a baby😆)

6 Eat less sugar

Drinking Black Tea Helps Improve Gut-Health

How about you lovely people? What practices do you do to upkeep a healthy gut despite your busy schedules?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Take care, sending you all lots of love. Have a nice weekend.



#selfcareishealthcare #healthiseverything


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