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The Importance Of Mindful Eating

When you take the time to eat slowly and mindfully, you then to eat lesser and be more satisfied with the food that you eat. Don't you agree? By eating slowly, every bite is bursting with flavour and eating becomes an enjoyable experience, not just a "task" to satisfy hunger.

Sadly, there are some days where we get so busy and we don't get to properly sit down to eat and enjoy the food we put into our bodies. By gobbling down our food in a split second, we feel we tend to overeat and don't get to enjoy our meals. It is just a to-do to give us the energy to get through the day.

Running our business while looking after our little one has been truly a trying time for us. But, as time passes, our little one is starting to slowly slow down a little and enjoy meals with us - there's hope at the end of the tunnel! Woohoo!

How do you manage juggling a business while caring for a baby? Especially when you have no family around to help and your daycare is closed for the holidays!?

Happy Wednesday dear friends🌻


Björn & @trishrlee

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