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Say “YES” to a healthier you!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

“here’s to... Better habits, Positive thinking, Healthy eating, & most of all, loving yourself.❤️”

Some say a new year is the time to start new lifestyle habits. We say, any day is a good day to nix bad habits and to start new better ones. Be it to start a new hobby, quit smoking, or to eat smarter towards creating a healthier you. The power is all in your hands to create the life you want to live🙌🏻

In 2019, we want to continue cooking healthy no sugar added 75% fruit spreads made with #freshfruits, #freshvegetables & lots of love just for you, with your health in mind 🙏🏻 Say “YES” to a healthier YOU today!

PS: We may also be launching some new flavours this year😍🍏🍇 Stay tuned.

Much love, Patricia & Björn

Pina Colada - 75% Fruit Spread

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