• Daisy Lyn Meneses

Nourish Yourself With Love And Positivity

You can't hate your way into accepting and loving your body. Self-acceptance starts and ends with love.

No matter what "flaw" you think you may have - stretch marks, saggy skin, thin lips, bla bla bla, who said those are flaws anyway??? Just because you see in magazines that celebs are posting pictures with smooth skin, excellent makeup, and a nice figure, doesn't mean YOU are "flawed" in comparison.

Whenever you start to have dark thoughts and start feeding hate to your mind and body, please take a moment to ask yourself:

➪Whoever told you that your body is flawed, do you really think that person really loves their own body and thinks it is perfect? Do you think that a person has NO insecurities about themselves at all?

➪Is it realistic to think that by seeing one picture-perfect moment in a newspaper or magazine, that the person in the picture doesn't have their own negative thoughts about their own life and about their bodies?

Stop hating yourself. Your body is a masterpiece. Without it, you wouldn't be able to go places, feel so many magical sensations, taste so many exquisite foods, and enjoy this beautiful life.

If you haven't already, do make it a habit to feed your mind and body an abundance amount of love and trust me, your body will thank you for it❤️

Have a blessed Thursday dear beautiful friends!🌻



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