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Less Waste, More Love

Good money is also wasted 💸 If one really thinks even deeper into the implications of food wastage, there are really multiple folds to it:

1) The animals or plants that died in order for us to create the wasted food item, died in vain

2) The food production companies wasted time and energy preparing the food for us

3) Delivery companies delivered for nothing

4) Supermarket staff arranged the items, also for nothing

5) Above all, wasting food contributes to world pollution

Imagine all the people (even babies and children) around the world who are starving? What does that make us if we, people who are blessed with food, simply take it for granted?

But you and I, together we can make a difference dear friends!

✔️Buy only what you need or can consume (or store it well and make a note of the expiry dates)

✔️Donate food which you aren't able to consume before it expires

✔️If you have leftovers, practice refrigerating it to eat the next day (or share food with your neighbors)

Every small effort, adds up to a big positive impact in this world.

What practices do you do to help mother earth? To help cut down food wastage? Do share with us in the comments below. Love to hear from you!

Thank you for joining hands with us to make this world a better place for us all 👭 You're AWESOME!

Love to you all 💕

Björn, baby Abigail & @trishrlee


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