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A Family That Eats Together, Stays Together

Updated: Feb 27

So much truth in these few words. It broke my heart a little while reading it. Ever since I moved from Singapore to Germany, I rarely ever see my parents and relatives anymore. It is now more like a yearly affair. The Lord knows I miss my family and friends like hell - every single day.

As I think back on the good moments I had with my family, somehow a lot of them include family meals and gatherings ❤️ Those were truly the best moments to come together to talk about our day, discuss ideas, joke around, and to strengthen our bond as a family.

Despite our hectic work schedule, Björn and I always make it a point to not use any electronic gadgets when we're having a meal with our baby Abigail. We want to start her on the right foot and teach her the importance of quality family time. It truly is precious and so golden.

Appreciate your family as much as you can. Moments don't come twice.

What about you dear friends? What family values matter to you the most?

Love and light to you lovelies 💫


Björn, baby Abigail & @trishrlee

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