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Are your products really 100% handmade & vegan?

We can proudly say 100% YES. 
Our fruit spreads are prepared and cooked in small batches from our humble cosy kitchen. Each jar is carefully filled, vacuum sealed and labelled.

Feel free to read some of our regular customer's reviews to see what other's opinions are about our Fruit Spreads to help you better decide if you'd want to give our handmade spreads a go :)

Where can I buy your fruit spreads?

Cosy Cookhouse products are sold on our online shop as well as from our stockists and wholesale partners worldwide. Click here for the full list of our partners.

Our stockists and wholesalers are located in Germany, Japan and US.

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What is the difference between Fruit Spreads and Jams? Don't they all look and taste the same?

The difference lies in the form and the percentage of fruit that it contains.
In jam, the fruit contained is in the form of pulp. So say for example, a grape jam actually does have some thoroughly smashed up pieces of grapes. Also, jams are required by law to contain a minimum of about 50-60% sugar. 
'Fruit Spreads' are produced in the same manner as jams and preserves, but contain less sugar and more fruit. According to the German regulations, we have to term our products as "spreads", not a jam or preserve as they contain only 25% sugar.

Where does your fruits, vegetables and herbs come from?

Cosy Cookhouse sources the highest quality organic fruit from the best fruit growing regions around the world. 
European berries and cherries come from Potsdam and Pinneberg. 
Canadian and US fruit comes from Quebec, British Columbia, Oregon and California. 
Other sources include Brazil, Israel, and Asia.

What is the shelf life for your spreads when unopened & opened?

If unopened, please store the spreads in a cool, dry area. Generally unopened spreads have a shelf life of about 12 months. 

The expiry date stamped at the bottom of each jar only applies to unopened jars, and is to be used as a guide for best quality.

As long as the jar remains sealed, the product inside the jar will not go bad or become unsafe if it goes past the expiry date, but there will be a gradual loss of quality. 

Best not to consume once it has been kept beyond the reflected expiry date.

Once opened, please keep it refrigerated to maintain quality and avoid spoilage and we recommend that the product be consumed within 2 weeks.

Because our fruit spreads contain 1/3 less sugar than a traditional preserve, thus our spreads has a shorter shelf life.

This being said, we do hope that you would love our delectabe fine spreads as much as we do and empty the jar within a day :)

Can your products be consumed by vegetarians and vegans? And are they gluten free?

Yes. All Cosy Cookhouse fruit spreads meet all categories of vegetarian and vegan. No animal ingredients of any kind are used.

Yes. All of our spreads are gluten free.  Fruit is naturally gluten free as are all the ingredients in our fruit spreads.

Are Cosy Cookhouse products produced in a nut-free environment?

Our Fruit Spreads does not contain any nuts. However, we do produce special fruit spread flavours from time to time that may contain nut flakes or flavouring such as almond or marzipan. 
Please read through each product description for details and ingredients used if you have a nut allergy.

Do you deliver your products worldwide? What is the shipping cost?

Yes we deliver worldwide.


The shipping cost is free for all our sets :)

Plus, we add in a few homemade jam-filled cookies for the set of 6.

What is the minimum order?

Yes there is. Our products are sold in sets of 3 and 6.

Should you wish to order just 1 jar, please visit one of our stockists nearest to you.

If you wish to place a large order, please do contact us.

How can I become a stockist of your products? Do you wholesale your products?

Yes we welcome stockists and wholesale enquiries.

Please feel free to contact us so we can get to know you & your business better and what is the order quantity that you are considering.

Why is there some liquid on top of the spread? Is it safe to consume?

Traditional Jams or Preserves are made with more sugar, and different pectins than Cosy Cookhouse products. Our fruit spreads contain 1/3 less sugar than traditional jams and preserves.
Less sugar = more fruit in the recipe. More fruit = contains more water. It is more difficult to keep this water tied up in lower-sugar fruit spreads than in high sugar jams. Cosy Cookhouse fruit spreads can naturally have some water separation - known as syneresis.  Some flavors are more prone to syneresis than others, but the fruit spreads are definitely safe to be consumed.  Gently remove the liquid if you wish, or mix and stir it back into the spread and enjoy!

The cap on my jar didn’t make a ‘pop’ sound when I opened it. The product inside looks okay. Is it still okay to consume this product?

No. The cap should always make a definite ‘pop’ the first time the jar is opened. If there is no ‘pop’, then the cap seal has failed and the product can spoil. Cosy Cookhouse fruit spreads are filled into jars and are capped while they are very hot (pasteurization).  As the product inside the jar cools, it shrinks creating a vacuum effect which causes the center of the metal cap to be sucked down.  If there is no vacuum, it means that unsterile air has entered the jar.  Air can carry microorganisms which can cause food to spoil, so a jar with no vacuum (or no “pop”) will spoil, and should not be consumed.

Why do some spreads have a slightly darker tone at the top? Is it safe to consume?

Yes, most definitely.

Traditional Jams or Preserves are made with more sugar or syrup, and lesser fresh fruits than Cosy Cookhouse products. 

Less sugar = more fruit in the recipe. More fruit = contains more water. It is more difficult to keep this water tied up in lower-sugar fruit spreads than in high sugar jams. 

Cosy Cookhouse fruit spreads can naturally have some water and fruit separation - known as syneresis. Each type of fruit has its own level of fruit weight. Some flavors depending on the type of fruits used are more prone to syneresis than others (water or fruit separation, causing a different colour tones).

All you have to do is stir the fruit spreads to mix it well, and enjoy! :)

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